Turning the page on 2019

Turning the page on 2019

Posted by Lance Taylor on Dec. 28, 2019

Looking back at new releases from 2019 as we prepare to turn the page into 2020!

You and your church need trustworthy resources, so we publish and provide Bible-based materials to help you grow closer to God.

We released many new and reprinted titles in 2019. In the spotlights below, we offer special prices on several of these excellent new releases.

As we prepare to embrace a new year, we hope you will plan to join the journey with us and look for more new titles and resources to help you in your walk with God.

Taking His Hand, Helping Each Other Home edited by Mark Mayberry and Kyle Pope is a series of studies presented for the 2019 annual Truth Lectures. Their theme, Taking His hand, helping each other home, summarizes what should be the goal of every Christian—striving to take hold of God’s hand through the guidance of His word, helping our homes and congregations as we strive toward the goal of an eternal home with God in heaven.

Sale Price $15 (reg. 24.97)

A part of the Truth Commentary series, this commentary on the Book of Isaiah, by John A. Humphries, is a verse-by-verse exegesis of the text examining issues raised in the book and their application to the church today. Humphries brings his many years of preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ into his examination of this text. His teaching is practical, thorough, and easy to understand. This volume will be a great aid in the study of this beautiful book of prophecy.

Sale Price $28.95 (reg. $38.95)

A Heart Like Jesus, by Matthew Hennecke is a twelve lesson workbook that considers different aspects of the heart of Jesus and what it teaches us about how we should live. These studies explore Jesus’s humility, wisdom, devotion, love, compassion, forgiveness, purity, bravery, and endurance.

Sale Price $4.95 (reg. 5.95)

Evidences for Our Faith, edited by David Flatt, is a thirteen lesson workbook exploring different types of evidences that serve to bolster faith in the Bible and Jesus Christ.

Sale Price $8.99 (reg. 11.99)

Thinking about AD 70: Challenging Realized Eschatology

In the summer of AD 70, under the command of the future emperor Titus, three Roman legions captured ancient Jerusalem and burned its temple. For some students of the Bible, this important event has come to be viewed as the focal point of all redemption history surpassing even the cross of Christ. For some, it fulfilled all end-times prophecies. Thinking about AD 70, by Kyle Pope is an in-depth challenge to such conclusions testing the scriptural validity of this “AD 70 Doctrine.”

Sale Price $11.97 (reg. 19.97)

Establishing and Applying Bible Authority, edited by Mark Mayberry, is a thirteen-lesson workbook considering how to establish and apply Bible authority for church action.

Sale Price $8.99 (reg. 12.99)

El Camino de Fe: Proverbios para Mujeres

Proverbios para mujeres, de Jennifer Maxey, es la traducción al español del popular libro que guía a las mujeres a través del hermoso libro de la sabiduría del Antiguo Testamento. Este es un excelente libro para clases de mujeres o para estudio individual..

Sale Price $11.89 (reg.16.99)

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