TIL Establishing and Applying Bible Authority, edited by Mark Mayberry






Product Description

Establishing and Applying Bible Authority, edited by Mark Mayberry, is a thirteen-lesson workbook considering how to establish and apply Bible authority for church action.  

Table of Contents

Lesson 1: Bible Authority: Its Importance, by Mike Willis

Lesson 2: General and Specific Authority, by Reagan McClenny

Lesson 3: Commands, Examples & Necessary Inferences

Lesson 4: When Are Examples Binding?, by Joe R. Price

Lesson 5: The Concept of Expediency, by Tyler Sams

Lesson 6: The Silence of God: Restrictive or Permissive?

Lesson 7: The Organization of the Church, by Jim Deason

Lesson 8: The Work of the Church, by Phillip E. Stuckey

Lesson 9: The Worship of the Church, by Shane Carrington

Lesson 10: Dangers of Deemphasizing Authority, by John Isaac Edwards

Lesson 11: The Pendulum Swings, by Ron Halbrook

Lesson 12: Ignoring the Pattern: Solomon, by Matt Bassford

Lesson 13: Ignoring the Pattern: Jeroboam, by Tommy Peeler