Evidences for Our Faith, edited by David Flatt






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Evidences for Our Faith

Evidences for Our Faith, edited by David Flatt, is a thirteen lesson workbook exploring different types of evidences that serve to bolster faith in the Bible and Jesus Christ. Lesson 1 considers the rise of skepticism in America. Lesson 2 offers the profile of an unbeliever. Lesson 3 examines historic examples of unbelief. Lesson 4 makes the case for belief. Lesson 5 discusses the evidence of creation. Lesson 6 discusses Genesis and the Flood. Lesson 7 addresses the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Lesson 8 deals with archaeological evidence for the historical Jesus. Lesson 9 considers science and the miracles of Jesus. Lesson 10 explores the Bible as evidence. Lesson 11 takes the student through a survey of evidence of found in various fulfillments of predictive prophecy. Lesson 12 discusses the internal evidence within the Bible that supports its inspiration by the Holy Spirit. Lesson 13 concludes the book by asking what we must do with this evidence now that it has been presented?

Publisher: Truth Publications

Author: David Flatt