Better Things (A Workbook on Hebrews)




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Better Things
A Workbook on Hebrews
by Ferrell Jenkins

An adult workbook on Hebrews. The lessons include questions to answer and extra work or discussion questions. The text of the New American Standard Bible is conveniently printed with each lesson.

This workbook isn't intended as a substitute for diligent study of scripture; rather it is to promote study. Outlines of the scriptural text and questions designed to increase thorough understanding are provided in 15 lessons.



  • Preface
  • Introduction to Hebrews
  • Some Good Commentaries on Hebrews
  • Hebrews: The Epistle of Better Things
  • The Sacrificial Offerings Under the Levitical Priesthood
  1. The Better Messenger
  2. Lest We Drift Away
  3. Firm Until the End
  4. The Better Sabbath Rest
  5. The Better Priest
  6. The Peril of Immaturity
  7. Jesus a Priest Like Melchizedek
  8. The Better Covenant
  9. The Covenants Compared
  10. The Better Sacrifice
  11. The Better Possession
  12. The Better Way of Faith
  13. Mount Sinai and Mount Zion Contrasted
  14. Faith in Action
  15. Review of Hebrews

Author: Ferrell Jenkins
Publisher: Florida College  
ITEM: 16256FJ
Dimensions: 8.5" 11"
Page Count: 52
Binding: Paperback