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BTB Hebrews
Bible Text Book Series
by Daniel H. King, Sr

The Bible Text Book Series is an excellent commentary workbook series. Each lesson consists of several pages of commentary followed by a couple of pages of short answer questions. This is a great workbook for both adult and upper teenage Bible classes. 13 lessons.



Lesson 1: Introduction (1)
Lesson 2: Introduction (2)
Lesson 3: Christ Is Superior to the Angels
Lesson 4: The Superior Christian Hope for Rest
Lesson 5: Christ Is A Superior High Priest
Lesson 6: Admonition and Encouragement
Lesson 7: The Superior Priestly Order of Christ: After the Order of Melchizedek
Lesson 8: A Superior Covenant and A More Excellent Ministry
Lesson 9: The Ritual of the Old Sanctuary and the Offering of the Perfect Sacrifice
Lesson 10: The Superiority of the Sacrifice of Christ
Lesson 11: Past Heroes of the Faith
Lesson 12: Exhortation to Genuine Christian Living
Lesson 13: Final Thoughts

Author: Daniel H. King, Sr
Publisher: Truth Books
ISBN-10: 1584272333
ISBN-13: 9781584272335
Dimensions:  8.5" x 11" x 0.20"
Page Count: 101
Binding: Paperback

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    Great Commentary

    Posted by Unknown on Jul. 21, 2015

    Clear and concise study.