Worshiping with the Psalms - Companion Text (booklet)






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Worshiping with the Psalms - Companion Text (booklet)

This companion text booklet for the Worshiping with the Psalms psalter includes suggested uses, lessons outline ideas, and thought questions. If you are studying personally, with a small group, in a Bible class, or in homeschool devotions, then this companion text will be an excellent resource to help guide the study and use the psalter most effectively.


About the psalter hymnal:

What better way to study the Psalms than by singing them?

The new psalter, Worshiping with the Psalms, uses a time-honored way to absorb the content of the Psalms by putting them to rhyme and meter. Singing the Psalms is then possible for everyone, just like the original purpose of a psalm!

Each psalm is paraphrased and paired with a well-known tune. The psalter and its accompanying products make studying the Psalms easy and engaging for personal devotion, homeschool classes, Bible classes, or in the church assembly.

PowerPoint Slide Deck and Companion Text booklet is also available to aid the uses of the psalter.

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    A Thoughtful Addition to "Worshipping with the Psalms"

    Posted by Stephen Rouse on Jun. 26, 2022

    The Psalter is such an excellent resource, and this companion text makes it even more useful, especially for home studies and family devotionals. The simple but thoughtful questions really help dig a little deeper after participating in each Psalm. I hope this resource will help God's people use the Psalms more thoughtfully in private and public worship!