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Let's Study the Holy Spirit
Truth in Life Series
by Michael Vierheller

A good study of the Holy Spirit. Written in easy-to-understand language, the average Christian can grow in his or her knowledge of this important Bible subject. This workbook has 13 lessons with questions at the end of each one. 

Lessons Include:

  1. The Person of the Holy Spirit
  2. The Divinity of the Holy Spirit
  3. The Presence of the Holy Spirit
  4. The Gift of the Holy Spirit 1
  5. The Gift of the Holy Spirit 2
  6. The Gift of the Holy Spirit 3
  7. The Seal of the Holy Spirit 1
  8. The Seal of the Holy Spirit 2
  9. Earnest of the Holy Spirit
  10. Indwelling of the Holy Spirit
  11. Work in Conviction and Conversion Today
  12. Baptism of the Holy Spirit
  13. Edifying and Comforting Today


Author: Michael Vierheller
Publisher:  Truth Publications
ISBN-10: 158427235X
ISBN-13:  9781584272359
Dimensions: 8.5" x 5.5"
Page Count: 68 
Binding: Paperback