Out With Doubt: A Look at the Evidence for Christianity



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Out With Doubt
A Look at the Evidence for Christianity
by Kyle Butt

 This book exposes young people to the vast amount of irrefutable evidence for the Bible and the Christian Faith. Our young people need to know that biblical faith is not a “leap into the dark.” Christian faith is based on reliable evidence. They need to know that Christianity is rooted in historical fact, and that the Bible offers the only consistent, cohesive explanation for the existence of the Universe and the purpose of human existence. When Satan tempts them to doubt the faith they are beginning to grow for themselves, they need the means by which they can boldly say, “Out with doubt!”—and mean it. For several years now, Out With Doubt has achieved that very objective for many young people—providing them with compelling evidence that proves the validity of Christianity.

A live presentation of the contents of the book is now available as a two-disc DVD set. The 13 sessions, each session being 24-28 minutes, leave time for class discussion and a consideration of the questions included in each chapter of the book. This tool is excellent for use in Sunday morning high school and junior high quarterly Bible classes, summer camps, VBS, or private home viewing.

Chapter Topics:

  1. Does God Exist?
  2. Design Demands a Designer
  3. Evil, Pain, and Suffering
  4. Is the Bible God’s Word?
  5. Predictive Prophecy and the Bible
  6. Are there Mistakes in the Bible?
  7. Creation Versus Evolution
  8. How Old is the Earth?
  9. Does the Bible Leave Room for Evolution?
  10. Dinosaurs
  11. Jesus Christ - Fact or Fairy Tale?
  12. Miracles
  13. The Resurrection and What You Must Do to Be Saved
Author: Kyle Butt
Publisher: Apologetics Press
ISBN-10: 0932859437
ISBN-13: 9780932859433
Dimensions:  8.5" x 5.5" x 0.5"
Page Count: 151
Binding:  Paperback