Believe It Without a Doubt (Evidences)



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Believe It Without a Doubt (Evidences)

by David Banning

God Exists, God Created the World, The Bible is God's Word, Jesus is the Son of God.

This workbook takes the student through a very basic study of evidences. It lays out four fundamental beliefs we hold as Christians, the challenges made against these by unbelievers in our world, and provides answers to these challenges.


  1. Facing Off With Unbelievers
  2. How Can We Prove That God Exists?
  3. The Evidence That Proves God Exists
  4. More Evidence For God's Existence
  5. Creation and Evolution
  6. The Problems With Evolution
  7. The Evidence For Creation
  8. Theistic Evolution
  9. The Bible: Is It The Word Of God?
  10. What Prophecy Proves
  11. What Do You Believe About Jesus?
  12. Proving Jesus is the Son of God
  13. Are You Ready To Answer?

56 pages. Workbook.