World Communion Fellowship Cup (juice and wafer set) 200 per box




*Currently Delayed in Manufacturing - *World Communion orders ship direct from the manufacturer in 3-4 weeks.*


Product Description

Due to increased demand, high ordering volumes, and prepay requirements from World Communion, we will require payment upon purchase beginning 5/12/2021 to best ensure our distribution is not disrupted. Thank you for working with us as we continue to make such an important product readily available for all our customers.

Please remit payment immediately by calling 256-232-0565 to pay by phone, click on the Pay Now link on your emailed invoice, or mail your check payment and notify us that payment is on the way.

Contains 200 individual serving cups
•  contains 100% Grape Juice and Unleavened Wafer
• Ready to Serve
• No Refrigeration Needed
• Easy Access to Elements
• “One Pass” Serving

Product description

Individual servings of communion in a clear plastic challis. On the top is a serving of Sacramental Concord Grape juice and on the bottom is a serving of bread. The bread is a full 1/2" square. Both the top and bottom are sealed using our special Silent Seal TM lidding material. This allows the cup to be easily opened by the young and old alike while being extremely quiet to maintain the sacred environment during the communion ritual. All of these products are made to order from the original distributor and shipped fresh to us. The shelf life of the product is a full (90) days and the best used by date is stamped on each box label. To keep the product fresh for longer you can freeze the product for up to one year before use.