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The America Bundle includes two titles:




 Can Christianity Survive in America?


  • Christianity Can Survive In America - Jim Deason
  • The Threat Of Islam - Andrew Roberts
  • The Threat of Hollywood - Leon Mauldin
  • The Breakdown of The Home - Philip Owens
  • The Threat of A Diluted Message - Bob Waldron
  • The Threat of Materialism - David Flatt
  • The Threat of Sports Mania - Alton Bailey
  • The Threat of Apathy - Aaron Veyon
  • The Threat of Political Correctness - Bobby Graham
  • The Threat of Secular Education - David Arnold
  • The Threat of An Anti-Christian Government - Heath Robertson
  • Christianity Can Be Victorious - Joshua Gurtler
  • The Growth Of The Church In The Philippines - Ron Halbrook
  • General Observations On Foreign Evangelism - Connie Adams
  • The Growth Of The Church In India - Joe Price
2013 Lectures

Build Strong Homes for Strong Churches and a Strong Nation

Build Strong Homes, Mike Willis

The Home in America
The Broken Home in America, John Humphries
Redefining Marriage: A Historical Perspective, Kyle Pope
The Blessings and Threat of Civil Government, Mark Hudson
Putting God First in the Home, Norm Webb, Jr. 
Sex is Limited to Marriage, Phillip Stuckey 
The Threat of Being Too Busy, Justin Colby

Man in the Home
The Father as Provider, Tommy Hagewood 
Absentee Fathers, Don Miller   
Unfaithful Husbands, Greg Chandler  
Spiritual Leader, Justin McCorkle  
The Threat of Pornography, Ron Halbrook

Woman in the Home
Can I Be A Supermom, Elaine Jordan  
Mother’s Role in Spiritual Training, Becky Romine  
Adjusting to Widowhood, Ruby Hall 

Raising Godly Children
Developing Character in Children, Bobby Graham   
Our Children’s Legacy, Stan Adams   
Wisdom in Child Rearing, Mark Mayberry  

Let’s Build Strong Homes, Michael Richardson