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Between the Testaments Bundle
Truth Publications

This Bundle includes the Truth in Life workbook "The Intertestamental Period"by Mike Willis and "Between the Testaments" by Charles F. Pfeiffer.

You can increase your knowledge of this Intertestamental period with the help of these two Truth Publications that survey the 400 years between the Testaments.

The Intertestament Period by Mike Willis is a 13 lesson workbook which provides a summary of this period in history. The study includes maps, charts, and review questions to enrich each chapter.

Between the Testaments by Charles F. Pfeiffer was originally published by Baker Books in 1959. Years later, Truth Publishing released the book in a new edition. Between the Testaments highlights the 400 silent years by providing an overview that explains the forces that shaped the world in the centuries immediately preceding the birth of Christ.

Increase your knowledge of this period in history by adding these two resources to your library.

The Intertestament Period Product Details:

Table of Contents:

  1. Overview of Jewish History
  2. The Babylonian Period
  3. The Persian Period
  4. The Invasion of the Greeks
  5. Israel Under the Ptolemies
  6. The Maccabean Rebellion
  7. The Hasmoneans
  8. The Roman Period
  9. The Synagogue
  10. The Samaritans
  11. Sects of Ancient Judaism (1)
  12. Sects of Ancient Judaism (2)
  13. The Intertestamental Literature

Workbook, 13 lessons. Each lesson includes questions.


Author: Mike Willis
Publisher: Truth Publications
ISBN-10: 158427199X
ISBN-13:  9781584271994
Dimensions: 8.5 x 11 inches  
Page Count: 92
Binding: Paperback

Between the Testaments Product Details:

This informative volume highlights the “four hundred silent years” (the intertestamental period), about which the Bible gives no information. Here is a popularly written account of this period, an overview that explains the forces that shaped the world in the centuries immediately preceding the birth of Christ. Both the Persian and Hellenistic eras are covered in broad but informative strokes, and special attention is given to the status and problems of Jews during these periods. After reading this work, Bible students will have gained a deepened understanding of the world to which Christ came “in the fullness of time.”


Author: Charles F. Pfeiffer
Publisher:  Truth Publications
ISBN-10: 1584271048
ISBN-13:  9781584271048
Dimensions: 8.5" x 5.5"
Page Count: 130 
Binding: Paperback