Truth Lectures 2006 - God Give Us Christian Homes




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God Give Us Christian Homes

edited by Mike Willis

2006 Truth Lectures

This series of lectures is designed to address the needs of American families. There are lectures affirming the proper roles that the different family members have in the home: the headship of man, the subjection of women. There are lectures which address particular items threatening the family: materialism, divorce. Some of the lectures are by brothers and sisters in Christ who have overcome unhappy circumstances in their home life to be faithful to the Lord: overcoming an abusive parent, overcoming the ungodly home. Some of the lectures are given by those who have experienced some of life's sorrows giving guidance to others who must walk in the same path: dealing with the loss of a child, dealing with delinquent children, dealing with the loss of a parent, dealing with the loss of a spouse, the pain of divorce. You will experience a wide range of emotions as you read about these Christians' personal struggles to overcome the scars brought on them by the breakdown of the home. There is also a section designed to help us reach out to win the young to Christ.


  • Foundations of Family (Genesis 2), by Steve Reeves
  • The Dangers of Marriage to Non-Christians, by Lewis Willis
  • Godly Families in the Church, by Chris Reeves
  • The Blessing of Godly Parents,  by Larry Hafley
  • The Threat of Materialism to the Home,  by Randy Blackaby
  • Using the Family to Serve, by Royce DeBerry
  • The Death of A Child,  by Tom Roberts
  • Things That Shouldn't End After Marriage, by Morris Hafley
  • Dealing with Delinquent Children, by Wayne Thurman
  • Choosing A Mate for Life, by Frank Himmel
  • Teenagers and Sex, by John Smith
  • Dealing With the Loss of a Parent, by Jesse Flowers
  • Causes of Divorce, by Stan Adams
  • Working With Young Adults, by Kurt Jones
  • Serving God in My Senior Years, by Don Willis
  • Dealing with the Loss of a Spouse, by Connie W. Adams
  • The Pain of Divorce, by Art Adams
  • Overcoming the Ungodly Home, by Ron Halbrook
  • The Headship of Man, by Steve Curtis
  • The Pain of a Wayward Child/Prodigal Son and Prodigal's Father, by Melvin Curry
  • Teenagers for Christ, by Steve Deaton
Open Forum:
  • Drawing the Young to Christ, by Jason Hardin, Daniel Ruegg, and Steve Deaton
Women's Lessons:
  • Winning My Children for Christ, by Elma Monts
  • The Subjection of Women, by Sandra Nite
  • Overcoming an Abusive Parent, by Sandy Willis

This series of lectures has been the most popular of the Truth Lecture series and is being reprinted to meet the requests for it to stay in print.

476 pages. Paperback.