Can Christianity Survive in America? (REVISED)




Product Description

Can Christianity Survive in America? (Revised)

from the 2011 Truth Lectures 

edited by Mike Willis

Census information documents the shrinking of the Christian community in America at the same time that there is an increase in secularism. The influence of the secular culture and political correctness is evident in public education, movies and television, presentation of news (stories selected and story content), and the breakdown of the home. The secular agenda manifests itself in the materialistic goals of many Americans. Inside the Christian community, saint become apathetic to spiritual work. It is becoming increasingly difficult to persuade members of churches to attend regularly scheduled periods of worship, as a result of which many churches have eliminated Sunday evening and mid-week services in favor of providing more recreational events.

This book addresses the issue of whether or not Christianity can survive in this culture, concluding with a resounding affirmation that it can - if Christians are willing to make the commitment that Christianity demands!

238 pages. Paperback.