Truth Commentary - Leviticus (HB) New Edition




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Truth Commentaries: Leviticus

by Evan and Marie Blackmore

Leviticus contains the major part of the law given at Mount Sinai, preparing God’s people for the gospel ahead. It revealed the means of atonement for sin and proclaimed the great commandment “Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself.” This new commentary explains, thoroughly and in practical terms, how each section of it is related to the message of Christ. It is the first full-length commentary on Leviticus since 1950 that accepts all of the Bible as God’s infallible word, and the first ever written by an author with specialist knowledge of medicine and zoology (relevant to the sections on diseases and clean and unclean animals).

An excellent study of the book of Leviticus that shows a mastery of the material and is written on a level that is easily understood by the common man. The authors' perspective is a full commitment to the inspiration of Scripture and to avoid speculation.

Hardback Edition, 682 pages.

ISBN 10: 158427364X

ISBN 13: 9781584273646

Publisher: Truth Publications

Evan Blackmore was baptized into Christ in 1973, and Marie in 1977. They were married in 1981. Evan’s father, Harry Blackmore, learned the way of salvation by reading the Bible for himself in Australia at the age of sixteen; it was many years before he discovered that there were likeminded people in other parts of the world. Evan has now been preaching in Australia for over forty years. For many years he also worked as a medical practitioner and researcher. Marie has worked as a researcher at universities and for disability service providers. Together or individually, Evan and Marie have published articles on the Scriptures and editions and translations of classic literary and philosophical works, as well as scholarship on zoological taxonomy and medical and linguistic topics. They are currently working on Joshua, Judges, Ruth, Psalms, Ecclesiastes, and the Song of Solomon for the Truth Commentaries series. Their other recent books include Between Malachi and Jesus and Let Us Search Our Ways: A Commentary on the Book of Lamentations (for DeWard Publishing Company).