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workbook-logo.jpgTruth in Life Series
Our Lord Jesus Christ
edited by Weldon Warnock & Mike Willis

A workbook on the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Each chapter focuses on a different aspect/quality of Jesus. Each lesson is written by a different author, all of whom are members of the Church of Christ and are excellent students of the Word. 13 lessons, Workbook.


Lesson Titles and Authors:

  1. Lesson 1: Jesus, Our Perfect Example - Earl Kimbrough
  2. Lesson 2: Jesus, The Son of Man - Bob Owen
  3. Lesson 3: Jesus, The Son of God - Hoyt Houchen
  4. Lesson 4: Jesus, The Sinless One - Harold Fite
  5. Lesson 5: Jesus, Our Abiding Friend - Irvin Himmel
  6. Lesson 6: Jesus, The Savior of the World - Aude McKee
  7. Lesson 7: Jesus, The Lord of Our Lives - Ward Hogland
  8. Lesson 8: Jesus and His Tender Compassion - Weldon E. Warnock
  9. Lesson 9: The Matchless Love of Jesus - Steve Wallace
  10. Lesson 10: Jesus, The Good Shepherd - Bobby L. Graham
  11. Lesson 11: Jesus, the Way, the Truth, and the Life - Grover Stevens
  12. Lesson 12: Jesus, A Man of Prayer - H.E. Phillips
  13. Lesson 13: Jesus, The Humble Servant - Barney Keith
    • questions for each chapter prepared by David Halbrook


Product Information

Author: Weldon Warnock & Mike Willis, Editors 
Publisher: Truth Publications
ISBN-10: 1584272775
ISBN-13: 9781584272779
Page Count: 56
Binding: Paperback