Bible Doctrine of Jesus Christ


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by Robert Taylor, Jr.

From the Introduction:

This begins another vital part of a three volume set dealing with the Godhead. This volume deals with the Eternal Word who became God's only begotten Son and the Son of man in the unique unfolding of the divine drama of human redemption.

The Bible Doctrine of Jesus Christ is a needed, enriching, challenging, interesting, and delightful study. There is absolutely no danger that we will study Jesus Christ too much. A great preacher of the past used to say, "The more truth is rubbed the brighter it will shine!"Each of the twenty-six chapters include true/false questions, fill-in-the-blank, multiple choice, short answer, and discussion questions, which makes this book appropriate for personal or classroom use.

221 pages, paperback.


  • Why Study Jesus Christ?
  • Arguments for His Existence
  • Eternal, Creator, Sustainer
  • The Angel of the Lord
  • His Precious Portrait in Predictive Prophecy
  • His Birth
  • Son of Man and Son of God
  • His Youth and Early Manhood
  • His Baptism
  • His Temptations
  • The Master in Molding Men
  • The Master Teacher
  • The Miraculous Messiah
  • The Scriptures and His Lordship
  • Marriage and the Home
  • "I Speak Concerning Christ and the Church"
  • Prophet, Priest and King
  • Prayer
  • Crucified, Buried, and Raised
  • His Precious and Powerful Blood
  • The Great Commission and His Ascension
  • His Unfinished Work
  • Biblical Finals
  • His Comprehensive Nature
  • What Shall I Do with Him?
  • Twenty-Six Lessons Learned About Jesus Christ


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