The Wife God Would Have Me To Be: A Bible Study on Marriage







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The Wife God Would Have Me to Be

A Bible Study on Marriage

by Anne Stevens

The Wife God Would Have Me to Be: A Bible Study on Marriage by Anne Stevens was created from ladies’ studies led by the author through her years of encouraging wives to look deeply into the guidance offered in God’s word. It is practical, personal, moving, and scriptural. This is an excellent resource for use in women’s classes or in personal study.

Anne Stevens is both a “Preacher’s Kid” and a “Preacher’s Wife.”  Married to Jimmy Stevens for over fifty years, she has labored with him in his preaching work in Corrigan, Huntington, Seminole, Brenham,
and Centerville, TX, and Bradley, AR.  Anne is the daughter of Ernest and Frances Finley, who worked together in congregations as he preached in Arkansas, Kansas, New Mexico, Oklahoma, and Texas. Anne and Jimmy are the parents of Luke (and Suzanne), Josh (and Lisa), and Jady (and Missy) Stevens.  Over the past twenty years and for many groups of ladies in multiple states, Anne has taught classes on “The Wife and Mother God Would Have Me to Be,” which became the basis for this book. She has received words of thanks and appreciation not only from the women attending the classes but from their husbands, as well.

Table of Contents

1. Who Is Our Authority?

2. Instructions to Wives in Ephesus

3. Instructions to Wives through Titus

4. Instructions to Wives in 1 Peter

5. Obstacles: c, Part 1

6. Obstacles: Feminism, Part 2

7. Obstacles: Choice of a Husband, Part 1

8. Obstacles: Choice of a Husband, Part 2

9. Obstacles: Being a Young Wife

10. Obstacles: Being an Older Wife

11. Obstacles: Friendships

12. Obstacles: Lacking Proper Examples and Faith in God

13. Obstacles: Moodiness

14. Obstacles: Nakedness

15. Obstacles: Attitudes

16. Obstacles: Work Outside the Home

17. Becoming the Wife God Would Have Me to Be

18. Review and Blessings


ISBN-10: 1-58427-557-X

ISBN-13: 978-1-58427-557-2

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    A goldmine for any woman!

    Posted by Danielle Renee Wallace on Feb. 14, 2024

    This book is so good for any women, whether married or not yet! If you want to know the Biblical truth for how you should be as a wife, this book is a GOLDMINE! Society and sin have tainted our view of woman and what marriage should look like, but when one returns to the pure, unchanging word of God, they clearly see the path to a happy, secure, fulfilled, and holy relationship.

    I was blessed to attend one of Anne's classes on this material several years ago. I love that it's now been turned a workbook, because it allows for a thorough study at your own pace with 18 lessons.

    The book contains instructions from Ephesians, Titus, and 1 Peter on the wife's role and conduct, and also gives practical applications to obstacles such as feminism, improper boundaries in friendships, etc.

    I can't recommend this book enough, and believe every woman would benefit by having a copy!