The Eternal Covenant: God's Invitation to Faith and Life



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 The Eternal Covenant
God's Invitation to Faith and Life
by Stanley W. Paher

The Eternal Covenant is God's gracious saving commitment to join Himself to man, and is a restatement of the scheme of redemption found in Genesis. Through Revelations to Moses, the covenant was reaffirmed for Israel. Prophets such as David, Jeremiah, and Ezekiel promised that covenanters would have the law in the heart and new spirits as God inter-dwelled with man in extending to him remission of sin. In the fullness of time, Christ, the reality and substance of the covenant, offered Himself in sacrifice to renew and seal the eternal agreement.
The new perfected covenant is freely offered to all, without distinction, and recipients of God's gift partake of eternal life in a glorious triumph over death With sins forgotten, Christians enjoy blessings bountifully offered by the living God, on the ground of faith. This book is a fresh approach to this vital subject, wherein the man of covenant is in God and God is in him.


Author: Stanley W. Paher
Publisher: Nevada Publications
ISBN-10: 0913814962
ISBN-13: 9780913814963
Dimensions: 9 x 6 x 0.50 inches
Page Count: 173
Binding: Paperback