God's Eternal Purpose (A Workbook on Ephesians)



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God's Eternal Purpose
A Workbook on Ephesians
by Ferrell Jenkins

The epistle to the Ephesians gives one an insight into the mind of God and His plan for the salvation of man. This is the second in a series of adult workbooks on the New Testament. The text of the New American Standard Bible is conveniently printed with each lesson.

Table of Contents:

  • Abbreviations, Preface
  • Chronological Survey of the New Testament - Chart
  1. Background of the Ephesian Church
  2. Getting the Overview, Letters of the Ancient World
  3. Blessings in Christ
  4. Prayer for Enlightenment
  5. The New Creation
  6. The Reconciled
  7. The Mystery Revealed
  8. Unity and the Sufficiency and Maturity of the Church
  9. The Character and Conduct of the Saint
  10. Walk as Children of Light - Eph. 5:18b-20 Analyzed (chart)
  11. The Glorious Church - Husbands and Wives
  12. Children and Fathers; Slaves and Masters, The Prison Epistles
  13. The Full Armor of God, The Christian's Warfare (chart)

Author: Ferrell Jenkins
Publisher: Florida College 
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Dimensions: 8.5" x 11" .25"
Page Count: 58
Binding: Paperback