Grace - God's Power To Overcome Sin Workbook




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Grace - God's Power To Overcome Sin 
Leader's Guide
by Dave Roberts & Edwin Crozier

Leader's Guide also available

If I were to ask you, "Are you saved?" how would you respond? Do you know? Are you sure? Or are you in doubt because you are not sure if you’ve been good enough? That is what this class book is all about. We want you to be sure based on a biblical understanding of God’s grace.

This student workbook contains 12 lessons and a final review lesson. Each lesson includes a Case Study, discussion of relevant Bible passages, and a personal application section.

Tired of hearing Grace abused, either by cheapening it or by discounting it in the Christian’s life? Then this class book is for you. This takes a balanced approach, striving to overcome the fears many Christians have about the doctrine of grace but at the same time providing the confidence and comfort God’s grace should provide.

Take a look at what grace really is and how it works. How does grace save us? What is our response to God’s grace? Find out why we really can’t save ourselves and how many Christians today are falling into the same trap as the Old Testament Jews of establishing their own righteousness.

Have you ever struggled with Romans 7, saying you completely understood what Paul meant when he claimed that he ended up doing the very thing he didn’t want to do? God’s grace will help. Even though you are a Christian, do you still fear the judgment because you wonder if you’ve done enough? God’s grace will help. Do you ever feel like giving up because you think you just can’t make it to heaven? God’s grace will help.

Don’t miss this wonderful look at God’s amazing grace. Whether you teach it as a class, use it in a small group, or simply work through it in your own personal study time, "Grace: God’s Power to Overcome Sin" will be a powerful tool for edification in your life. There are 13 lessons in this workbook.


Author: Dave Roberts & Edwin Crozier
Publisher: Florida College
ISBN-10: 1890119431
ISBN-13: 9781890119430
Dimensions: 8.5" x 11"
Page Count: 28
Binding: Paperback