Pursuing The Pattern: A Careful Examination of New Testament Practices




Product Description

"Pursuing The Pattern" by Mr Jim Deason
Pursuing the Pattern is a collection of 14 insightful essays addressing difficult issues which have divided Christians over the last 50 years. Each topic is addressed from two different perspectives with Scripture references and comments that will help Christians... * Study and adhere to the pattern of local church work and organization given in the Scriptures. *. Understand the disagreements that led to so much hurt and division among Christians. *. Engage in respectful and informed conversations. In Pursuing the Pattern, general editor Jim Deason with the help of Greg Tidwell (editor of the Gospel Advocate), brings together thoughtful Bible students who love the word of God to talk with one another. Topics include... Who We Are & How We Got Here (Greg Tidwell & Steve Wolfgang) Bible Authority (Doy Moyer & Phil Sanders) Church Government & Cooperation (Aubrey Johnson & Kyle Pope) Church Support of Human Institutions (Buddy Payne & Randy Duke) The Scope of Church Benevolence (Chad Ramey & Donnie Rader) The Church and Social Activities (Allen Dvorak & Donnie DeBord) The Question of Fellowship with One Another (Matthew Morine & David Diestelkamp) Reading Pursuing the Pattern will help you understand the issues from both perspectives. Read with care, wisdom, an open Bible, and an open mind.