New Testament Geography




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  New Testament Geography

by Matt Hennecke

This overview of New Testament geography helps the Bible lands come alive as students develop a familiarity with the Bible lands. Contains study questions, 28 maps, and many illustrations. Rated "excellent" by past students.

This book is appropriate for an adult, young adult, or teen class. Additional resources for using this book, including PowerPoint presentations, are available on the Manna Bible Maps Plus software, sold separately.


  1. The Lay of the Land
  2. Birth and Early Years of Jesus
  3. Christ's Travels - Part 1
  4. Christ's Travels - Part 2
  5. The Crucifixion and Resurrection of Jesus
  6. Early Travels of Philip and Peter
  7. Saul's Conversion and Early Travels
  8. Paul's 1st Missionary Journey
  9. Meeting in Jerusalem & Paul's 2nd Journey
  10. Paul's 3rd Journey
  11. Paul's Journey to Rome
  12. Paul's Final Days & Jerusalem Destruction
  13. The 7 Churches of Asia & the Epistles
54 pages. Workbook.