Church Discipline: God’s Gift for a Healthier, Holier Church




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The topic of church discipline has had an odd history in Christian circles. At one time, it was considered an “identifying mark of the church,” but in modern times it has fallen into disrepute and suffers general negligence. In this book Tommy South seeks to reverse that trend by offering a biblical and theological exposition of the practice of early Christian discipline and showing how it can (and ought to) be utilized by churches today. South’s earlier work on this topic (That We May Share His Holiness: A Fresh Approach to Church Discipline [Bible Guides, 1997]) was the only book at the time which offered a close examination of all the biblical texts which teach corrective church discipline. Thoroughly re-written, expanded, and re-titled, it remains the most comprehensive study of this subject currently available.

Product Information

Author: James T. South  
Publisher: Deward Publishing
ISBN-10: 1936341743
ISBN-13: 9781936341740
Dimensions: 9 x 6 inches 
Page Count: 232
Binding: Paperback