My Living Sacrifice: A Study of Romans 12-13






Product Description

My Living Sacrifice: A Study of Romans 12-13 by Mike Willis


An eleven-lesson study of Romans 12-13 examining the text and offering questions to help the student apply this valuable text to life in Christ.

The lessons include helpful study of the key words and their original language meaning. Commentary from the author is also joined with outside sources to clearly articulate the message of these rich chapters of text from the apostle Paul.

Whether you are looking for personal study or class study, this book is an excellent choice to aide Bible students studying Romans.


Table of Contents:

Lesson 1: My Living Sacrifice unto God

Lesson 2: Be Not Conformed to This World

Lesson 3: Be Humble

Lesson 4: One Body of Many Members

Lesson 5: Exhortations for Brotherly Love

Lesson 6: Diligent and Prayerful Service

Lesson 7: The Christian's Interaction with Others

Lesson 8: The Christian's Conduct toward His Enemies

Lesson 9: Be Subject to Civil Authority

Lesson 10: Love Is the Fulfillment of the Law

Lesson 11: It is Time to Wake Up!