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My Living Sacrifice: A Study of Romans 12-13 by Mike Willis


An eleven-lesson study of Romans 12-13 examining the text and offering questions to help the student apply this valuable text to life in Christ.


Table of Contents:

Lesson 1: My Living Sacrifice unto God

Lesson 2: Be Not Conformed to This World

Lesson 3: Be Humble

Lesson 4: One Body of Many Members

Lesson 5: Exhortations for Brotherly Love

Lesson 6: Diligent and Prayerful Service

Lesson 7: The Christian's Interaction with Others

Lesson 8: The Christian's Conduct toward His Enemies

Lesson 9: Be Subject to Civil Authority

Lesson 10: Love Is the Fulfillment of the Law

Lesson 11: It is Time to Wake Up!