May 2023 "The Minor Prophets" - Truth Magazine (PDF)




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May 2023 issue: "The Minor Prophets" - Truth Magazine (PDF)


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MAY 2023 | NO. 5 | VOLUME 67

Editorial: Categorizing the Prophets
by Mark Mayberry
Meditations: Casting Pearls before Swine
by Kyle Pope
Wome n’s Insights: Home schooling: Training Children to Comm unicate
by Diana Dow
His Mind in Me: Our Joyful Fellowship in Christ
by Bruce Reeves
Developing a Firm Faith: Through the Humanity of Christ
By Shane Carrington
Questions & Answers
by Bobby L. Graham
Archaeology: Biblical Archaeology in Berlin
by Luke Chandler
Mentoring: Mentoring Hospitality
by Chris Reeves
Voice s of Youth: Why Be Modest as a Christian?
by Raven Willis

The Minor Prophets—Part 1
by Alan Yeater
In the book of Obadiah, God pronounces
judgment upon Edom for her pride
and perversity.
#1 God’s People in Obadiah
pg 30
by David Diestelkamp
The prophet Joel presents God’s intimidating
judgment and the promise of
deliverance, salvation, and His Spirit for
those who turn to Him with their whole
#2 God’s Wrath in Joel
pg 34
by Joe Greer
The story of the prophet Jonah provides
an insightful look at God’s mercy and
how He offers it to man.
#3 God’s Mercy in Jonah
pg 38
by Kevin Kay
Although Amos was a simple man, he
denounced the sins of God’s people and
their neighbors in moving and memorable
#4 God’s Righteousness in Amos
pg 40
by Chuck Durham
Not only were the prophets forth tellers
and fore tellers, they bore extraordinary
burdens in fulfilling their duty to God.
Hosea came to know God’s heartache at
Israel’s apostasy.
#5 God’s Love in Hosea
pg 44
by Bob McPherson
Micah’s vision of God’s mountain includes
a time element, a location identifier,
and describes its exalted nature and
universal reach in a way that confirms
the fulfillment of this prophecy in the
establishment of the New Testament
#6 God’s Mountain in Micah
pg 48