Leaders and Followers: In the Home, Church, and Business




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There are well over 15,000 books on the subject of leadership, but how many have been written about what makes a good follower? Leadership dominates our thinking while followership is largely ignored. But here’s the thing – you can’t talk intelligently about leadership without also talking about followers. This book brings the two roles together and charts new territory in understanding what makes effective leaders and engaged followers.

Based on four decades of helping develop leaders at Motorola, UPS, McDonalds, State Farm Insurance, and T. Rowe Price, and his deep study of the Word of God, the author provides practical insights and usable tools to remove much of the mystery of what makes a good leader and follower. This is a must book for parents, elders, church members, and business leaders. In its pages you’ll discover the “crucial factor” of leadership and identify different types of followers and the five leadership styles needed to guide them. You’ll learn, from Christ’s example, how to become a “servant leader” and unlock the potential of followers. This book will make you a better leader and a better follower.

* The book now includes after-chapter discussion questions which makes it ideal for group study. *

Leaders & Followers
In the Home, Church, and Business by Matt Hennecke


What Others Are Saying

This is fantastic material. I've been through numerous leadership courses at work, from consulting firms, in business school and the MBA program. Your material is definitely the most useful construct for practical leadership I've seen. I know it has made me a better leader. - Wyatt Taylor, Louisville, KY

Matt’s book offers new solutions to common problems that we all encounter whether we are leading or following. His charts and thorough explanations are helpful tools to help identify various types of followers, so we can be the leaders and followers God intended for us to be. - Laura Alvarez, Sycamore, IL

 Do we underestimate the importance of leadership? If we do, it is to our own peril. Homes and churches fall due to failures in leadership. Matt’s material gets to the core of what leadership really is and how it can be exerted in an effective way. The studies are engaging, practical and convicting. - Mark McCrary, Louisville, KY

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 About Matt Hennecke

    Matt has over four decades of experience helping transform organizations to better confront and thrive in times of rapid change. He has consulted with several Fortune 100 and 500 companies in organizational development efforts including culture change, performance management, succession planning, and leadership development efforts.

    Matt has been on the national speaking circuit for many years offering strategies for organizational transformation. He has been a featured speaker for the Association for Talent Development (ATD) and Training Magazine. He has provided executive coaching for many years helping senior level leaders transform themselves as they lead their organizations to confront greater turbulence in the marketplace. In addition to this book, Matt has published a number of articles including:

“Achieving Organizational Excellence: Thriving in Unpredictable Times,” Association for Talent Development, September 2010.

“Toward the Change-Sensitive Organization,” Training Magazine, (Vol. 28, No. 5) pp. 54-59

“The ‘People’ Side of Strategic Planning," Training Magazine, (Vol. 21, No. 11) pp. 24-32

“Mentors & Protégés: Building Relationships that Work,” Training Magazine, (Vol. 20, No. 7) pp. 36-41

“What Corporate Culture Suits Your Career Goals?” National Business Employment Weekly, published by The Wall Street Journal