The Church Recovery Guide: How Your Congregation Can Adapt and Thrive After a Crisis



Product Description

In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, church leaders are facing challenges they've never encountered. As you scramble to adapt to this fast-changing situation, you must also begin thinking through the months ahead to consider: how will my church recover?

The Church Recovery Guide outlines the practical steps you can take to help your church not only survive but also thrive in the aftermath of the coronavirus crisis. Pastor Karl Vaters offers insights from his extensive experience in church ministry to help you think through:

- Reconnecting with your congregation
- Dealing with the financial repercussions
- Encouraging and supporting your staff
- Clearly communicating a fresh vision for the future
- Reworking your church's technology and online strategy
- Ministering to people feeling isolated and fearful

The Church Recovery Guide will provide the direction you need to help your church bounce back to full health and chart a path forward to even greater vitality.