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If You Had Been (Vol. 2) – Children’s Workbook, by Melba Edwards considers lessons that can be learned by putting ourselves in the place of men and women in the Old Testament. Lessons 1 and 2 discuss David and Solomon. Lessons 3 and 4 address Elijah and Elisha. Lesson 5 looks at king Hezekiah. Lesson 6 deals with both Ezra and Nehemiah. Lesson 7 examines the life of queen Esther. Lessons 9-12 focus on the prophets Isaiah, Jeremiah, Ezekiel, and Daniel. The study ends with Lesson 13, discussing the Minor Prophets.

Table of Contents

Lesson 1 David

Lesson 2 Solomon

Lesson 3 Elijah

Lesson 4 Elisha

Lesson 5 Hezekiah

Lesson 6 Ezra or Nehemiah

Lesson 7 Esther

Lesson 9 Isaiah

Lesson 10 Jeremiah

Lesson 11 Ezekiel

Lesson 12 Daniel

Lesson 13 Minor Prophets