If You Had Been: Old Testament (Volume 1) - Children's Workbook






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If You Had Been (Vol. 1) – Children’s Workbook, by Melba Edwards considers lessons that can be learned by putting ourselves in the place of men and women in the Old Testament. Lessons 1 and 2 consider Adam and Eve. Lesson 3 examines Cain or Abel. Lesson 4 looks at the account of Noah. Lessons 5-7 survey the lives of Abraham, Jacob, and Joseph. Lesson 8 calls the student to put himself in the place of Moses. Lesson 9 examines the life of the sinful prophet Balaam. Lesson 10 considers the work of Joshua. Lesson 11 asks what it would have been like to have been one of the Judges.  Lesson 12 considers the life of Ruth. Lesson 13 ends by looking at Saul.

Table of Contents

If You Had Been… Old Testament (Volume 1) – Children’s Workbook

By Melba Edwards


Table of Contents

Lesson 1 Adam

Lesson 2 Eve

Lesson 3 Cain or Abel

Lesson 4 Noah

Lesson 5 Abraham

Lesson 6 Jacob

Lesson 7 Joseph

Lesson 8 Moses

Lesson 9 Balaam

Lesson 10 Joshua

Lesson 11 One of the Judges

Lesson 12 Ruth

Lesson 13 Saul