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Faith Walk: Proverbs for Women, by Jennifer Maxey, applies proverbs from the wisdom literature of the Old Testament to the challenges faced by contemporary Christian women.


Lesson 1 asks Why Proverbs?

Lesson 2 considers The Woman Folly.

Lesson 3 focuses on Lady Wisdom.

Lesson 4 exalts the Trusting Woman.

Lesson 5 warns against becoming the Angry Woman.

Lesson 6 extols the Gentle Woman.

Lesson 7 discusses the Whispering Woman.

Lessons 8-9 examine the Gracious Woman.

Lesson 10 counsels against becoming the Sluggish Woman.

Lesson 11 praises the Diligent Woman.

Lesson 12 reflects upon the Merciful, Truthful Woman.

Lesson 13 shifts focus to the Truthful, Merciful Woman.


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