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Each Little Dewdrop CD

 34 children's Bible songs sung by children bring Bible facts and stories to life with memorable melodies. These songs are great for Bible classes, vacation Bible school, home school, or at-home family times. You can purchase the accompanying Each Little Dewdrop Song Book here for only $6.99! The song book has music notation in easy-to-read shaped notes for those who read music. Also included are unique illustrations for coloring by Michael Roberts. 

Song Titles:

  1.  Books of the Old Testament
  2. Genesis
  3. When and Who and What Did He Do?
  4. Creation
  5. Pham-i-li-Treez
  6. Enoch Walked With God
  7. Noah Was A Man of God
  8. The Lord Had a Plan Instead
  9. Exodus
  10. Fire on the Mountain
  11. Leviticus
  12. Numbers 
  13. Deuteronomy
  14. Joshua
  15. Judges
  16. Give Us a King!
  17. Elijah Spoke for God
  18. God's Servant Job
  19. God Knows Me
  20. Isaiah's Call
  21. Ezekiel Saw a Vision
  22. The Valley of Dry Bones
  23. Oh, No!
  24. Obadiah
  25. Jonah! Jonah!
  26. Baby Jesus Lay in a Manger
  27. The Twelve Apostles
  28. Satan Is a Liar
  29. My Sheep Hear My Voice
  30. I Am the Way
  31. Eutychus
  32. I Cannot Reach the Stars
  33. We Are Part of God`s Plan
  34. Each Little Dewdrop


Publisher: Taylor Publications
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Dimensions: 5" x 5.5" x .25"
Format: Compact Disc (CD)

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    Posted by Geneva on May. 9, 2020

    My grandkids love it!