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Each Little Dewdrop Song Book

34 new children`s songs, all taken directly from Bible text, bring Bible facts and stories to life with memorable melodies. These songs are great for Bible classes, vacation Bible school, home school, or at-home family times. You can purchase the accompanying Each Little Dewdrop CD here for only $12.95! The song book has music notation in easy-to-read shaped notes for those who read music. Also included are unique illustrations for coloring by Michael Roberts. 

Song Titles:

  1.  Books of the Old Testament
  2. Genesis
  3. When and Who and What Did He Do?
  4. Creation
  5. Pham-i-li-Treez
  6. Enoch Walked With God
  7. Noah Was A Man of God
  8. The Lord Had a Plan Instead
  9. Exodus
  10. Fire on the Mountain
  11. Leviticus
  12. Numbers 
  13. Deuteronomy
  14. Joshua
  15. Judges
  16. Give Us a King!
  17. Elijah Spoke for God
  18. God's Servant Job
  19. God Knows Me
  20. Isaiah's Call
  21. Ezekiel Saw a Vision
  22. The Valley of Dry Bones
  23. Oh, No!
  24. Obadiah
  25. Jonah! Jonah!
  26. Baby Jesus Lay in a Manger
  27. The Twelve Apostles
  28. Satan Is a Liar
  29. My Sheep Hear My Voice
  30. I Am the Way
  31. Eutychus
  32. I Cannot Reach the Stars
  33. We Are Part of God`s Plan
  34. Each Little Dewdrop

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