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Your donation helps keep Bible-based, trustworthy publications in constant production from Truth Publications, Inc.
Donations are tax-deductible under 501(c)(3)
*Please consult your tax professional for specific eligibility to deduct/claim on your annual taxes.*
Donations Policy
Truth Publications, Inc. is a tax-exempt non-profit organization. Although we are exempt from federal income taxes, we still must pay applicable state sales taxes. All income is retained by Truth Publications and is used to cover operating expenses and further the purpose of this organization. No salaries or stipends are paid for service as our board members, advisors or trustees.

Truth Publications, Inc. may accept donations from individuals or businesses for support of our purpose as a non-profit organization (no donations from churches will be accepted). All such contributions are voluntary, anonymous to the public, and Truth Publications reserve the sole right of acceptance or refusal. Our donors receive no services or payment in kind for their donations. We recommend that our donors consult with their income tax return preparers regarding the donor’s qualification to deduct donations to Truth Publications, Inc. on their personal federal and state income tax returns.

In years past, we have solicited donations to help with specific projects, such as in the publication of the Truth Commentaries. The generous response to this appeal was encouraging and helpful. We ask that you consider making financial donations that would enable us to continue such special projects.

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