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The Beginning of God's Way (Teacher's Manual), by Sue Bronger is the first workbook in the first year of the primary level of the Discovering God's Way (DGW) series. It is designed to accompany the workbook.



  Lesson Titles:

  • Lesson 1: In the Beginning/Adam and Eve
  • Lesson 2: Garden of Eden/The First Sin
  • Lesson 3: Cain and Abel/What Have You Done?
  • Lesson 4: Noah and the Ark/The Flood
  • Lesson 5: A Beautiful Rainbow/The Tower of Babel
  • Lesson 6: A Man Named Job/God Tells Abram to Go!
  • Lesson 7: The Birth of Isaac/The Sacrifice of Isaac
  • Lesson 8: The Birth of Twins/Jacob's Trick
  • Lesson 9: Twelve Brothers/Joseph's Coat
  • Lesson 10: Thrown in a Well/Joseph Goes to Egypt
  • Lesson 11: Joseph Goes to Prison/Two Dreamers
  • Lesson 12: Pharaoh's Dream/Joseph is Made Ruler
  • Lesson 13: Joseph Meets His Brothers/Joseph Forgives His Brothers