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The Beginning of God's Way (Teacher's Manual), by Sue Bronger is the first workbook in the first year of the primary (Grades 1-3) level of the Discovering God's Way (DGW) series. It is designed to accompany the workbook.



  Lesson Titles:

  • Lesson 1: In the Beginning/Adam and Eve
  • Lesson 2: Garden of Eden/The First Sin
  • Lesson 3: Cain and Abel/What Have You Done?
  • Lesson 4: Noah and the Ark/The Flood
  • Lesson 5: A Beautiful Rainbow/The Tower of Babel
  • Lesson 6: A Man Named Job/God Tells Abram to Go!
  • Lesson 7: The Birth of Isaac/The Sacrifice of Isaac
  • Lesson 8: The Birth of Twins/Jacob's Trick
  • Lesson 9: Twelve Brothers/Joseph's Coat
  • Lesson 10: Thrown in a Well/Joseph Goes to Egypt
  • Lesson 11: Joseph Goes to Prison/Two Dreamers
  • Lesson 12: Pharaoh's Dream/Joseph is Made Ruler
  • Lesson 13: Joseph Meets His Brothers/Joseph Forgives His Brothers