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by Jason Hardin

Boot Camp. Where a soldier learns the basics. Where he is equipped for the battles ahead. Boot Camp is where he tests his weapons and learns to fight with discipline and honor. Boot Camp is where careful, deliberate time is taken to learn from the veterans of previous wars: what obstacles confronted them; where did they meet the enemy; most importantly, how did they succeed?

Boot Camp: Equipping Men with Integrity for Spiritual Warfare is the first volume in the new I.M.A.G.E. series of books for men, by Jason Hardin. It serves as a Basic Training manual in the spiritual war for honor, integrity, and a God-glorifying life.

Men love the epic tales of warriors who have defied the odds, proven to be larger-than-life at the decisive moment and led other men in efforts that have shaped the course of history. We quite naturally imagine being “that kind” of man. But there is a greater story, a grander adventure, a divine chronicle of eternal magnitude in which you—in one way or another—will play your own unique part. The means of shaping our lives into harmony with the glory of our Creator has been furnished in Jesus the Christ. And he invites you to join his ranks.

244 pages, Paperback.

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    Boot Camp - Book Review

    Posted by Warren E. Berkley on May. 27, 2013

    In 1966 I went through Army Boot Camp at Ft. Benning, Georgia. It was exhausting, agonizing and sobering. But you couldn't become a soldier without this preparation. In his new book, Boot Camp, Jason Hardin brings into print valuable spiritual training for men. The author takes the instruction from Scripture and presses the truth toward the hearts of men - with strategy for the battle, challenge, warning, motive and confidence building.

    The military allegory is consistently used to convey to men the value of godly integrity. He tackles the relevant issues of debt, pornography, leadership and family responsibility, directly from the text of Scripture, but through a military allegory that maintains good interests and helpful connections. You visit the battlefield of David and Goliath, sit in the classroom of Joseph and discover new places and like Currahee.

    Men are invited to listen and trust God to "rediscover the divine inscription, to ... press it onto our hearts, and to unashamedly bear the image of our Father to his glory." This strikes at the heart of one of the great needs of our time, the development of godly men.

    I like the specification of Jason's work. This is much more than just saying "men should be good and not bad." This work uses Scripture to define good and bad in practical detail. There are specific chapters on selfishness, sexual immorality, idolatry, jealousy, anger, sins of the tongue and hypocrisy. In his study of the Ephesians six passage, he helps men put on their armor and learn how the equipment works to defend personal integrity and defeat enemy assaults.

    Get this book for your teenage boys. Give this to young husbands. Conduct a class of men and generate healthy discussion about being a real man.

    Men (of whatever age) who seek integrity, discipline and hope, should read this book, study it and teach it. I highly recommend Boot Camp: Equipping Men With Integrity for Spiritual Warfare ( Look for other books to follow in this series.