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by Mike Willis and Daniel H. King, Sr.

This Bible Study Textbook covers the books of Ecclesiastes and Song of Solomon. Ecclesiastes examines mans purpose for living, looking at common pursuits men have chased in their quest for meaning and purpose in life and what makes each of these quests futile. The Scripture text also emphasizes that man should enjoy his days under the sun with the full knowledge that he will give answer to God in judgment for his choices. The Song of Solomon looks at the Biblical love song that shows the power of human love for ones mate and the sanctity of that relationship. 18 Lessons

37 pages. Workbook.


Lesson 1: Introduction
Lesson 2: Solomon’s Quest for Happiness
Lesson 3: There Is A Season
Lesson 4: Things By Which Vanity Is Demonstrated
Lesson 5: Exhortations Regarding Worship, Oppression and Riches
Lesson 6: Further Instructions Regarding Riches
Lesson 7: Counsel for the Days of Suffering
Lesson 8: Submission to God’s Providence
Lesson 9: Wise Living in View of the Certainty of Death
Lesson 10: The Course of Wisdom
Lesson 11: Advice for Life
Lesson 12: Remember Thy Creator

Song of Solomon
Lesson 13 Introducing the Song of Solomon
Lesson 14 Interpreting the Song of Solomon
Lesson 15 Unraveling the Mysteries of the Song (1)
Lesson 16 Unraveling the Mysteries of the Song (2)
Lesson 17 Practical Lessons from the Song of Solomon (1)
Lesson 18 Practical Lessons from the Song of Solomon (2)