Intro to Discovering God's Way Teen/Adult Series Bundle



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Intro to Discovering God's Way Teen & Adult Series Bundle


3 Books Included:


The Holy Spirit
Discovering God's Way Teen/Adult Year 5 book 4
by Jeff Archer


  Chapter Titles:

  1. The Divine Person
  2. Role in the Old Testament
  3. Role in Old Testament Revelation
  4. In the Life of Christ
  5. Promises of Holy Spirit Baptism
  6. Fulfillment of Holy Spirit Baptism
  7. "Pentecostal" Claims
  8. Spiritual Gifts
  9. In Conversion
  10. In the Christian's Life
  11. In the Christian's Life (continued)
  12. In the Christian's Life (continued)
  13. Review
Author: Jeff Archer
Publisher: Religious Supply
Dimensions:  8.5" x 11"
Page Count: 48
Binding: Paperback



Bible Authority
Discovering God's Way Teen/Adult Workbook: Year 6, Book 3
by Mark White


Table of Contents:

  1. The Basis and Foundation of Authority
  2. Is Bible Authority Essential to Knowing and Serving God?
  3. Jesus and Bible Authority
  4. How God's Word Teaches and Authorizes
  5. The Necessity of Necessary Inference
  6. When God Has Not Spoken, Scripture Is Silent
  7. Two Kinds of Authority - General and Specific
  8. Scriptural Authority And The New Testament Church
  9. The "Social Gospel" And The Mission Of  A Local Church
  10. The Sufficiency Of The Local Church
  11. The Individual Christian And The Local Church
  12. Scriptural Authority And The Churches of Men
  13. Review: Bible Authority Established and Applied 
Author: Mark White
Publisher: Religious Supply Center 
Page Count: 74
Binding: Paperback/Workbook 



His Death and Resurrection
Discovering God's Way Teen/Adult Year 5, Book 2
by Jim Deason

This is a study of the Death and Resurrection of Jesus Christ. 

   Table of Contents:

  1. On Christ the Solid Rock
  2. Jesus, the Compassionate
  3. Jesus, the Good Shepherd
  4. Unless You Forsake All
  5. Two Important Events
  6. The Arrival of the King
  7. There's a Great Day Coming
  8. The Lord Who Serves
  9. From Troubled Hearts to Fruitful
  10. The Coming Comforter
  11. On the Cross of Calvary
  12. Hallelujah, Christ Arose! 
  13. Looking Back: A Review
Author: Jim Deason
Publisher: Religious Supply
Dimensions:  8.5" x 11"
Page Count: 78
Binding: Paperback