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Discovering the Early Church - Acts Part 1
Discovering God's Way, Teen/Adult: Year 1, Book 1
by Joshua Creel (ed. Harkrider)

The Discovering God's Way curriculum is designed around the idea that the key to understanding what God's word says to us is reading His word. Many of the books use only limited retelling of the account at hand, instead pointing students to the Bible and asking questions that will facilitate comprehension of what the text actually says, and thereby a realization of what God's way really is for them.



Discovery #1: What is the Church? 
Discovery #2: When was the Church Established?
Discovery #3: How was the Church established?
Discovery #4: What was the purpose of Miracles? 
Discovery #5: Who did the early church try to please? 
Discovery #6: How did the early Christians care for each other? 
Discovery #7: How did the early church deal with problems? 
Discovery #8: How did the early church respond to persecution? 
Discovery #9: How did the early church grow? 
Discovery #10: Is there a place for everyone in the Church? 
Discovery #11: How did the Gentiles become part of the church? 
Discovery #12: Does God really care about the church?
Discovery #13: Reviewing what you have discovered 

Author: Joshua Creel (ed. Harkrider)
Publisher: Religious Supply
Dimensions:  8.5" x 11"
Page Count: 69
Binding: Paperback

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  • 5
    The early church

    Posted by Sandra Buckner on May. 13, 2021

    This workbook was great. I thought I would know everything about Acts, but I found I learned something every day