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 2024 Truth Lectures - God’s Power in John: Studies in the Gospel of John

edited by Mark Mayberry and Kyle Pope is a series of special studies devoted to the consideration of the fourth Gospel.

The Gospel of John is unique not only in content, but in its style and focus. It addresses issues of tremendous philosophical and theological depth but is penned with a simplicity of grammar and vocabulary that is unequalled in Scripture. In John we behold the beauty and accessibility of a Messiah of love and unimaginable power. The studies in this book are devoted to a focus on this amazing Gospel. These essays were first prepared for presentation at and promotion of the Truth Lectures, conducted by Truth Publications, Inc. on the campus of Athens Bible School in July of 2024. Each lecture considered a different aspect of God’s power as uniquely demonstrated in John. The reader will find rich lessons in this good material. We commend it to you for your study and edification.

Table of Contents

Preface by Kyle Pope

Introduction: Questions of Jesus in John’s Gospel by Mark Mayberry

The Power of the Gospel

The Power of the Word by Daniel H. King, Sr.

The Power of the New Birth by David Banning

The Power of Salvation from Sin by John Weaver

Three Themes in John

The Power of Signs by Brooks Cochran

The Power of Witnesses by Mike Willis

The Power of Discipleship by Kevin Maxey

Important Teachings in John

The Power of Christ’s “I Am” Statements by Mark White

The Power of the Holy Spirit by Bruce Reeves

The Power of Unity by Terry Benton

The Death and Resurrection of Jesus

The Power of Christ’s Passion by Devan Harber

The Power of the Cross by David Cox

The Power of the Resurrection by Don McClain

Applying John to Life: Men’s Studies

The Power of Acceptable Worship by David Dann

The Power of Truth in Conflict by Ron Halbrook

The Power of Relationships by Steve and Better Wolfgang

Applying John to Life: Women’s Studies

The Power of Acceptable Worship by Julie Finley

The Power of Truth in Conflict by Cheri Reeves

The Power of Relationships by Steve and Bette Wolfgang


Appendix: The Uniqueness of John’s Gospel 

A Unique Savior by David Deason

A Unique Structure by Steven Russell

Unique Signs by Marshall McDaniel

Unique Encounters by Keith Hamilton

Unique Old Testament Allusions by Jeremy Paschall

Unique Settings by Leon Mauldin


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