Welcome to College: A Christ-Follower's Guide for the Journey




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College is a formative period, where students decide and learn about what they want to do with their lives. All the new friends, new experiences, and new learning opportunities help to shape their future - - -but it can be a lot to learn to handle, especially for Christian students who want to keep their faith alive and well. It's critical that students know how to handle college before they're in the thick of it.

Jonathan Morrow tackles the tough questions that arise during these formative years, including:


  • How do you grow spiritually?
  • How do you manage your time to both study well and have fun?
  • Is all truth relative?
  • Are there good reasons to be a Christian?
  • As a Christian, how should you view issues like dating and sex?

Each chapter of this new edition has been updated, and the author has included a new chapter on Christianity, homosexuality, and the Bible.