Types in the Bible: Shadows of the True (WORKBOOK)





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The study of Biblical types is a topic that generally only comes up in passing when in the middle of examining some passage for a different reason. A casual mention of the definition of a type and a suggestion or allusion to the one encountered usually suffices. As a result, an in-depth study and analysis of the breadth and depth of these “mini-prophecies” used by God for a variety of reasons seldom gets undertaken.

This workbook attempts to address that oversight and give types their due diligence. The contention here is that types are used by God in great number throughout His word. This study is deep and rather detailed. It requires us to delve  deeply into Old Testament people, events, and institutions. It also requires us to make important connections between these and their counterparts in the New Testament. The benefit should be a significantly enhanced understanding of both Old Testament and New Testament and a deeper appreciation for the God of creation. 

Publisher: Truth Publications

ISBN-13: 9781584275299

209 pages


*A companion textbook is also available.*