Set For The Defense



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Set for the Defense
by Thomas G. O'Neal

A Word from the Author:
If this material will help some soul see the errors of the false teachers exposed herein, or cause some to come back to the truth, or encourage some brother in his exposure of the errors discussed herein, I shall be glad. It is presented with the desire that it will exalt Christ, His Word, and His Church and expose that group of false teachers within the church that would turn the minds of men away from the truth of the gospel unto a perverted gospel which all damn souls in hell.



  • Chapter 1: False Teachers and Teaching
  • Chapter 2: Why We Have the Problem
  • Chapter 3: Preaching and Teaching the Gospel and Doctrine of Christ
  • Chapter 4: The ''Doctrine of Christ''
  • Chapter 5: Salvation by Grace, Faith, and Works
  • Chapter 6: Imputed Righteousness
  • Chapter 7: God's Plan for Unity
Author: Thomas G. O"Neal
Supplier: Truth Publications
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Dimensions:  8.5" x 5.5" 0.2"
Page Count: 54
Binding: Paperback (Booklet)