Truth Lectures 2015 - Refocusing on Evangelism: An Examination of Evangelism in the 21st Century





Product Description

2015 Truth Lectures 
Refocusing on Evangelism: An Examination of Evangelism in the 21st Century
edited by Mike Willis

Twenty-first century American churches are struggling to maintain their membership, much less increase in numbers. A rising tide of secularism is spreading in our country that is influencing many Generation Y and Z Americans not to be actively involved in any church. With the advance of atheism and secularism, the effects of a secular media that is eroding family and moral values, the increasing influence of non-Christian immigrants moving into our society and reproducing at a higher rate than other segments of our population, never has there been a time when evangelism is more important in the U.S. culture. Refocusing on Evangelism: An Examination of Evangelism in the 21st Century is designed to address the need for churches to go back to their roots - to be evangelistic, to unabashedly preach the Christian message to our own people. It warns that evangelism can only occur when there is commitment to preach the unadulterated gospel, not diluting the gospel message in an effort to build the attendance at a local church. While not disparaging foreign evangelism, this book calls attention to the need to evangelize more successfully in our own country.

Features of the book:

  • Changes in Evangelism 
  • In the Same Hour of the Night: a one-lesson approach for evangelism
  • Discipleship
  • Roadblocks to Evangelism
  • Becoming More Effective in Evangelism
  • Evangelistic Women
  • Maturing New Converts

Topics and Authors:

  • Introduction, Mark Mayberry

The Past, Present, and Future of Evangelism

  • Changes in Evangelism: The American Landscape, Steve Wolfgang
  • In the Same Hour of the Night, Charles Goodall
  • Evangelism in the 21st Century, Nathan L. Morrison 


  • Loving the Law, Ken Chapman 
  • Loving the Lord, Jim Allen
  • Loving the Lost, Gene Tope

Roadblocks to Evangelism

  • Fishing With the Wrong Bait, Ron Halbrook
  • The Secular Spirit, Mike Willis
  • Drifting from Initial Fervor, Max Dawson

Becoming More Effective in Evangelism

  • Credibility in Evangelism, Bruce Reeves
  • Breaking Our Comfort Zone, Rick Billingsley
  • Improving Our Communication, Ethan Longhenry

Keeping the New Convert

  • Grounding New Converts, Chuck Bartlett
  • What Can the Church Do?, Chris Eppler
  • What Can I Do?, David A. Cox

Evangelistic Women

  • The Woman at the Well, Betty Tope
  • Dorcas, Wendy King
  • Priscilla, Stacy Gentry


  • Firmly Rooted, Chris Eppler and Justin McCorkle


Product Information

Editor: Mike Willis 
Publisher: Truth Publications
ISBN-10: 1584274042
ISBN-13: 9781584274049
Dimensions: 6 x 9 inches 
Page Count: 384
Binding: Paperback