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 While the Book of James is addressed to the first-century church, it continues to instruct Christians today with a series of practical exhortations on how to live godly lives. Containing a thorough analysis of each verse, along with useful applications, Duane Warden's study provides readers with valuable insight into the nature of this short document.

  James used many imperatives to face problems that were tearing at the fabric of early congregations. The subject matter moves from the trials of readers to wisdom, then to humility, favoritism, the guarding of one's speech, and the doing of good works. With pointed language, the Lord's brother demonstrated his loving concern for his readers' souls as he anticipated the day of the Lord's return and His coming judgement. James therefore emphasized the application of Christian doctrine to one's behavior. His words are a wake-up call for Christians of every era. Genuine faith must be evident in the good works of Christ's followers.