Trends Pointing Toward a New Apostasy






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Trends Pointing Toward a New Apostasy
by Ron Halbrook

This sermon will help young and old to recognize and avoid trends toward a new apostasy. 

What others have said about the "Trends" sermon:

Robert Harkrider: “A captivating, perceptive analysis… Most of us can see the danger when at the precipice of falling, but few detect the danger while still upstream drifting in that direction. This booklet is worthy of serious reading lest we allow trends to develop into full-grown apostasy.”

Harold Fite: “The trends…mentioned are real and pose a serious threat to the purity and stability of God’s people. ‘To be forewarned is to be forearmed’. I commend the booklet and trust it will have a wide circulation among our brethren. “

Connie Adams: “Having heard the sermon at Hebron Lane which resulted in this booklet, I am glad this material is being given wider circulation. Ron Halbrook has identified some areas of concern which should be considered seriously.”

Robert F. Turner: “Explicit but not objectionable” in dealing with errors which “are real and need attention”.

Bill H. Reeves: “Here is an easy-to-read booklet that within an hour can profit one greatly by giving him documented cases of attitudes and tactics…which ultimately produce apostasy. This booklet should be purchased in lots and distributed widely. There is strength in knowledge, and this booklet informs!”

Jack L. Holt: “One can perceive the depths of Paul’s love for the truth in his earnest plea, ‘O Timothy, guard that which is committed to thy trust’. Years ago, J. D. Tant often sounded the familiar words, ‘Brethren, we are drifting’. Ron Halbrook has sounded the trumpet to call the watchmen to the wall of Zion to rally at the places where the breaches are made.”

Author: Ron Halbrook
Publisher: Truth Publications
ITEM: 80038
ISBN: 9781584273431
Dimensions: 5.5" x 8.5" x .11"
Page Count: 54
Binding: Paperback Booklet

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  • 5
    A Needed Warning for Today

    Posted by Brenden Ashby on Oct. 6, 2021

    Even though brother Halbrook preached this sermon in the late '80s, he could have written it yesterday. The trends Ron points out have not gone away and, unfortunately, gotten worse in some ways. "Trends Pointing Toward a New Apostasy" is a must-read for those concerned about the cause of truth. I highly recommend the book.

  • 5
    Needs to be read regularly

    Posted by Netagene on Feb. 19, 2015

    Every Christian should read this small book -- and read it again. Even though it's a sermon that Ron Halbrook preached in 1989, it is still relevant today -- and likely always will be. It was recommended to me. I highly recommend it.