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Truth in Life Series
The New Testament Church
by Roy E. Cogdill


Part One: The Nature of the Church
Lesson 1: The Called Out Body
Lesson 2: The Household of God
Lesson 3: The Kingdom of God
Lesson 4: The Body of Christ
Lesson 5: The Temple of God
Lesson 6: The Vineyard of the Lord

Part Two: The Origin of the Church
Lesson 7: The Origin of the Church
Lesson 8: The Authority of the Church
Lesson 9: Use of Old Testament Scripture

Part Three: The Mission of the Church
Lesson 10: Evangelism
Lesson 11: Personal Evangelism
Lesson 12: Edification
Lesson 13: Ministry to the Poor

Part Four: Church Membership
Lesson 14: The Grandeur and Glory of the Church
Lesson 15: What Membership Means
Lesson 16: Membership - It's Responsibilies
Lesson 17: Salvation and Church Membership
Lesson 18: How to Become a Member

Part Five: Church Government
Lesson 19: The Organization of the Church
Lesson 20: The Eldership
Lesson 21: Deacons 
Lesson 22: Evangelists

Part Six: Unity
Lesson 23: The Importance of Unity
Lesson 24: The Undenominational Character of the Church
Lesson 25: The Sin of Division
Lesson 26: God's Plan for Unity
Lesson 27: Unity, An Individual Obligation

Part Seven: The Identity of the Church
Lesson 28: The Identity of the Church
Lesson 29: A Scriptural Name
Lesson 30: Scriptural Worship
Lesson 31: Scriptural Teaching
Lesson 32: Scriptural Teaching
Lesson 33: The Purity of the Church
Lesson 34: The Church and Worldliness
Lesson 35: The Discipline of the Church

Part Eight: The Worship of the Church
Lesson 36: The Lord's Day
Lesson 37: The Lord's Supper
Lesson 38: Music in the Worship
Lesson 39: Instrumental Music
Lesson 40: Church Finances
Lesson 41: Church Finances
Lesson 42: Church Finances

Part Nine: Churches of the New Era
Lesson 43: The Church at Jerusalem
Lesson 44: The Church at Antioch
Lesson 45: The Corinthian Church
Lesson 46: The Church at Philippi
Lesson 47: The Church at Ephesus
Lesson 48: The Church at Thessalonica
Lesson 49: The Church at Rome
Lessons 50-52: A Study of the Seven Churches of Asia


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Author: Roy E. Cogdill
ISBN-10: 1584270810
ISBN-13: 9781584270812
Dimensions: 8.5" x 11"
Page Count: 150
Binding: Paperback</p

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  • 5
    Great Study

    Posted by Archie on Jul. 22, 2015

    Used this book with the high school &amp; young adults class. It worked really well.

  • 5
    Graduation Combo

    Posted by J Stevens on Sep. 24, 2014

    For over 30 years now my wife and I have given a copy of The New Testament Church and Walking by Faith by Roy Cogdill to graduating seniors in our family and in churches we have been associated with. These two books are good, fundamental study resources for God&#039;s arrangement and authority for the church of Christ.