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The Church: A Biblical Perspective
Truth in Life Series
by L. A. Stauffer


Lessons include: 

  1. Restoration: Speak the Oracles of God
  2. Ekklesia : Called Out of Darkness
  3. Relationships: Portraits of the Church
  4. Foundation: Upon This Rock
  5. Beginning: In the Last Days
  6. Authority: Head Over The church
  7. Membership: The fullness of Christ
  8. Name: Is Christ Divided?
  9. Organization: Elders
  10. Mission: Pillar and Ground of the Truth
  11. Worship: In Spirit and In Truth
  12. Discipline: Purge
  13. Out with the Old Leven
  14. Sufficiency: The Secret Things Belong to God
Author: L. A. Stauffer
Publisher: Truth Publications
ISBN-10: 1584271442
ISBN-13: 9781584271444
Dimensions: 9" x 6"
Page Count: 104
Binding: Paperback