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Sins of the Tongue

edited by Mike Willis

Truth in Life Series (for Teens)

Thirteen lesson workbook edited by Mike Willis discussing the sinful use of the tongue. Each lesson has a different author and each author is a member of the Church of Christ. 


Lesson Topics:

  1. The Power of the Tongue - Daniel H. King, Sr.
  2. Lying, Bearing False Witness, & False Swearing - Bobby Witherington
  3. Slander - Mark Mayberry
  4. Cursing - Joe Price
  5. Whispering and Backbiting - Brett Hogland
  6. Railing and Clamor - Kevin Maxey
  7. Murmuring and Complaining - Steve Mont
  8. The Slippery Slope of Flattery - David Halbrook
  9. Caustic Speech & Words That Stir Wrath - David Dann
  10. Boastings and Swellings - Harold Fite
  11. Blasphemy - John Isaac Edwards
  12. Filthy Speech - Tom O'Neal
  13. Sinful Silence - Andy Alexander

50 pages. Workbook.